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Travis Scott Concert, Security Puts Fan in Vicious Chokehold

Posted December 17, 2017 under Music

Travis Scott

Security Puts Fan in Vicious Chokehold

12/17/2017 3:30 PM PST


Travis Scott fan thought he was about to jump onstage, but instead got brutally choked by a security guard — and to add insult to injury, his buddy DID get to hangout with Travis.  

Travis was performing Saturday night at the Cali Christmas concert at the Forum … when 2 dudes tried to get up close and personal with the rapper.  Initially, they both got stopped until Travis ordered security to ease up. One guy was released — but the other was dragged away by his neck.

Travis is known for his rowdy shows, and does let fans share the spotlight with him at times.

He recently got sued for allegedly encouraging fans to jump from balconies.

However, Saturday in Inglewood … he seemed to be doing his best to get security to go easy on his fans. At least one guard didn’t get the message.

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