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O.J. Simpson's Former Agent Will Sell the White Bronco Now if Price is Right

Posted July 21, 2017 under Sports

O.J. Simpson Paroled

Owner of The Bronco Could Be Big Winner

7/21/2017 12:50 AM PDT


O.J. Simpson‘s white Ford Bronco — from the most famous car chase in American history — stands to make its current owner a ton of dough if a buyer steps up to the plate.

O.J.’s former sports agent, Mike Gilbert, owns the Bronco, and sources close to him tell us he’s never really been interested in selling, but only because the offers weren’t good enough. We’re told he’s always considered it an investment, and this might be the perfect time to — as they say — sell high.

Our sources tell us Mike’s been offered $250k for the white Bronco in the past but turned it down right away. His target price is more in the $750k to $1 million range, and now that Juice’s parole’s been granted … Gilbert can probably get it.

We’re told Mike has no emotional attachment to the Bronco, but he’ll hold onto it unless he gets what he wants. If not, he’ll pass it down to his kids.

One more thing — we’re told there’s one person he will NOT sell to … and that’s O.J.

The white Bronco’s currently sitting in the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN.

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