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NFL's Brandon Marshall: Don't Tell Me Geno Smith Is Better Than Kaepernick

Posted July 21, 2017 under Sports

NFL’s Brandon Marshall

Don’t Tell Me Geno Smith Is Better Than Kaepernick

7/21/2017 7:22 AM PDT


Geno Smith. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Matt Barkley

They have jobs. Colin Kaepernick doesn’t. And it’s not sitting right with Brandon Marshall

The Denver Broncos linebacker has been a staunch ally and friend of Colin’s for years — since they played together at Nevada back in college, where they were also fraternity brothers. 

Marshall — who famously joined Kap’s national anthem protest last season — says Colin is still immensely talented and driven and BELONGS in the league. 

He also tells us Colin’s smart, talented, hard-working — he’s not a menace and won’t do anything to cause an NFL organization any issues if he’s signed this year. 

Marshall also has strong feelings about Mike Vick‘s haircut comments — saying, “Those words should never have come out of his mouth from a black man to another black man.”

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