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Muhammad Ali's Ex-Wife to Trump, 'Pardon Someone Who's Alive!'

Posted June 9, 2018 under Politics

Muhammad Ali

Ex-Wife to Trump:

‘Pardon Someone Who’s Alive!’

6/9/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Muhammad Ali‘s ex-wife says Donald Trump is wasting his time if he’s considering pardoning the legendary boxer … telling TMZ Sports he should focus his energy on the LIVING!

We spoke with¬†Khalilah Ali — who was married to Muhammad from ’67 to ’76 — and she was shocked when she watched Trump tell the media he was considering pardoning Ali … presumably for his conviction for resisting the draft in 1971.¬†

That conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court … so, as Khalilah pointed out, “There’s no necessary need for a pardon.”

“I think [Trump] probably was a fan of Ali and he thought he would say something positive about him. That might be it … but it’s a little too late.”

Khalilah says if Trump really respects what Ali stood for … he would “pardon” the NFL players who knelt during the national anthem — and by that, she means Trump should stop trashing them for standing up for what they believe in.¬†

“If you’re willing to say its okay for Muhammad Ali to be pardoned for his freedom and standing up his rights and standing up for not going to the army … then you’re telling me that you’re ready to pardon everybody that has done that in the same manner as Muhammad Ali has.”

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