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Judge Judy Says Don't Prejudge Sexual Assault Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh

Posted September 24, 2018 under Politics

Judge Judy

Hold Your Horses, Everyone …

Don’t Prejudge Kavanaugh Accusations

9/24/2018 6:49 AM PDT


Judge Judy has handled thousands of cases, both as a family law judge and a TV jurist, so she knows a thing or 2 when she says people need to slow down and hear the evidence in the Kavanaugh/Ford showdown.

We got the most famous judge in the U.S. of A Sunday in Bev Hills, and she couldn’t have been clearer … we don’t know enough to form an intelligent opinion on who’s telling the truth and who’s not.

Some Republicans have already taken Kavanaugh’s side, and some Democrats have said they believe Ford … despite the fact that they haven’t heard even a minute of testimony. What’s even worse … some of these senators are on the Judiciary Committee and they’re the ones who will vote, so on both sides there’s a danger of the hearing becoming a kangaroo court.

Judge Judy cautions … prejudging the hearing creates the real possibility that justice will not prevail.  

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