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Cops Reveal G-Eazy's Alleged Victim and $100 Coke Bill

Posted May 4, 2018 under Celebrity Justice

G-Eazy Arrest

Pics of His $100 Coke Bill …

Bouncer’s Alleged Injuries

5/4/2018 6:55 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

The bouncer G-Eazy got busted for punching has been revealed, along with the rapper’s favorite Benjamin — as in the $100 bill he used to snort cocaine … allegedly.

Cops in Sweden released pics showing the nightclub bouncer. They’ve focused on his shaved head, but it’s hard to see any major injuries. TMZ broke the story … G-Eazy was arrested after getting into a brawl in the club.

Our sources say he and his security were going after a fan who was taking pics in the VIP area, and Eazy ended up socking the bouncer by accident.

Cops say they found cocaine as well as the rolled up Benjy on G-Eazy when they hauled him off to jail. That part of the arrest ain’t exactly shocking, considering how much he publicly brags about his coke use.

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