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Ben Shapiro Says Pete Davidson/Dan Crenshaw on 'SNL' Best Political Moment in Years

Posted November 12, 2018 under Politics

Ben Shapiro

Pete Davidson ‘SNL’ Apology to Dan Crenshaw

Best Political Moment in Years

11/12/2018 7:07 AM PST


Conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro says Pete Davidson‘s apology to Dan Crenshaw was the best political moment he’s seen in years … because it shows a level of civility that has been forgotten in America.

We got Ben Sunday at LAX, and he praised the apology skit to the skies, saying it’s a shining light of how liberals and conservatives can disagree but treat each other with a level of civility.

Fact is … it was an amazing moment on ‘SNL,’ with Pete apologizing and then the Congressman-elect coming at him with some hilarious jokes. Dan waded in treacherous waters by raising the super sensitive subject of Ariana Grande — so funny. 

The one controversial thing … when Dan said rather than telling veterans, “Thank you for your service,” he said people should say, “Never forget.” That’s a phrase that has been used to remember the Holocaust. 

One thing we’re guessing everyone can agree on … Dan’s comedic timing is frickin’ amazing!  

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